Satire: If #DezNat Were Good, They Wouldn’t Associate With Sinners (Don’t read their stuff too carefully)

I’ve never read their words or interacted with them, but I heard through the grapevine….


By Hal J. Kirk

Those DezNat types are bad news because they associate with people who do bad things… which is definitely something that Jesus never did. (Don’t read Luke 7:36-50 too carefully)

If they were actually righteous, they would know better than to allow people on a platform they don’t control to use their hashtag. Jesus would never allow someone to speak as if they were him (Don’t read Matthew 24:4-5 too carefully)

They even assert… and get this… that Brigham Young was a good prophet (can you believe it!) God wouldn’t support someone so exclusionary… especially since everyone in the congregation is holy and can have the spirit. (Don’t read Numbers 16 too carefully)

Anyway, they paint themselves as people who care about Christ, but they actually drive people away from the truth. One thing is for certain, Jesus would never deliberately say unfriendly things to push people away (Don’t read John 6:51-66 too carefully)

In the end, you should totally follow me because I don’t associate with people who do bad things. (Don’t read my tweets too carefully)


Brett Jensen manages The Ward Preacher. You can follow him on Twitter @wardpreacher.

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