Hey Deseret! Welcome to the TJ Podcast, the unofficial podcast of Deseret Nation, part of the Radio Free Deseret Network. Every week we’ll talk about top news stories in the kingdom of God plus the happenings on the Teancums Javelin website as well as other social media platforms. We’re real. We’re unapologetic. We love our faith. And Brigham Young did nothing wrong.

JP and Dustin kick off the initial TJ Podcast with talk about the Honor Code situation at BYU, why it matters, Proclamation hijinx, and end with some thoughts about the Corona Virus and one of our newest favorite twitter accounts. 
Check out the blog at teancumsjavelin.com, contact us to become a contributor and support the RFD Network at radiofreedeseret.org. Special shoutout this week to Weekly Hoss for his new YouTube venture. 


JP and Dustin discuss the Honor Code clarification, the fallout, the protesters and counter-protesters, and what it all means. What did we learn from the words of two apostles this week? How does our identity tie in with all of it? Finally, we share our “Tweets of the week” and answer questions about #TKSmoothies and the tactics of #DezNat. Share and rate the podcast, we feed off all your love and hate 😉

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