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You Have Always Believed in Jesus Christ

The first time you exercised faith in Christ was before you were born.

The first time you exercised faith in Christ was before you were born

Every person will likely experience moments in their life when their faith seems insufficient to overcome. Doubting ourselves seems to come naturally. In these moments of doubt, it is important to remind yourself that you have ALWAYS, since before you were born, had faith in Jesus Christ.
Imagine the Premortal Existence. You’re were there as two plans were proposed, a war ensued, and Jesus Christ came out victorious. You were on the winning side. You chose God’s plan: we know this because you are here on Earth rather than being cast out of Heaven with those who followed Lucifer’s plan. How does all of this relate to your faith?

There was one essential part to God’s plan. The entire plan’s success depended on one thing: Jesus Christ doing what he promised he would do. In the Premortal Existence, Jesus Christ told us that he would come to Earth, live a perfect life, and then die for us so that we could all live again. The entire plan hinged on whether or not He would fulfill that promise, and you knew that when you chose to follow the plan. That means that before you even came to Earth, you had full faith that Christ would do his part; you HAD to have faith or you wouldn’t have chosen to follow the plan.
The next time you find yourself lacking faith, get on your knees and pray, read your scriptures, and remember that you DO have faith in Jesus Christ. The fact that you are here on this Earth is evidence that you have ALWAYS had faith in Him. Trust Him now, as you did then.

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