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Those who don’t remember their history are doomed to repeat it.

ZARAHEMLA — (71 B.C.) Last year we reported about Amalickiah and how he, with a group of the social elite and the most wealthy, attempted a coup to replace our democracy with an autocracy. Their organization continued with the well-used lies that our nation was founded upon greed and the desire for power. This revisionist history has been used before to divide the citizens.

Recently our undercover j*urnalists have discovered that Amalickiah has become the leader of the Lamanite government. Their previous leader was murdered under very suspicious circumstances. The reporters have also been monitoring the Lamanite news services. Apparently Amalickiah has placed members of his organization into the Lamanite’s very own news agencies and has begun an all out campaign of fake news, lies, and messages in an attempt to incite more hatred towards our people and encouraging violence. The rallies are becoming more and more militant.

Other reports indicate that Amalickiah has been stacking the leadership of the military with members of his party. These people include many that had previously been citizens of our nation that had attempted to overthrow our government and are known to be enemies of the state wanted on charges of treason and could face capital punishment.

Amalickiah has continued to work the same angle of revising history and spreading fake news. Our founding father, Lehi, left his home because of religious persecution to find a place where he could worship according to the dictates of his heart. Lehi’s followers built a ship and sailed to this new land. When Lehi setup their new country he did not follow the pattern of government from their homeland. This resulted in Nephi, one of his younger sons to be made governor of the land. The oldest son, Laman, had expected to be the leader of this new nation and when things did not turn out the way he wanted there was heated conflict which caused the new nation immediately to split in two.

History shows that our Nephite government was a type of theocracy that eventually grew to the government we have now. Alma, a religious leader, had learned first hand the weaknesses and dangers of such governmental foundations after living in a settlement controlled by the Lamanites and paid extremely high taxes to a local Governor that used his position to increase his personal wealth at the workers expense. Additionally, Alma recently learned of another nation that had fallen because of their fallen kings’ thirst for power. Alma and others formed the elected government that we enjoy today and has separated the governance of church and state.

The revisionists continue to publish their fake news that our nation was founded on greed and that the leaders are corrupt and are solely motivated by narcissism. Not only do the revisionists want to change the minds of the younger generation, they intend to create a movement where they will have the majority, even if they have to join ranks with the Lamanite nation. Some would say they are willing to cut off their own nose to spite their face.

Another facet of Amalickiah’s movement is that there will be some religions that will be illegal, and specifically the Christian religion of many of the Nephites. Many have argued that these sentiments are alarmist in nature and dismiss the idea that Amalickiah has any concern with religion. History shows us that it is just pure and plain foolishness to not recognize the real goals of Amalickiah and his organization.

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