The “whole need not a physician,” but none of us is completely whole. Maybe our wounds are self-inflicted, came by accident, or were the unfortunate consequence of someone else’s actions, be it ill or well-intentioned. Perhaps these wounds are simply spiritual or they are coupled with physical and mental wounds or limitations. 

Wounds can be spiritual, physical, or mental. Whether they be simple nicks or a deadly disease, we must all cleave to the Saviour and ask Him to heal our pain. Healing comes in different forms depending on the circumstance. Some spiritual cuts require forgiving another for a hurtful remark, lest it festers with pride and animosity into an infection or even a gangrenous limb.

Another spiritual weakness could be pornography. It must be treated as a poison; flushed from the body or an antidote administered. Yet another spiritual wound is guilt over an unresolved sin, done years ago, but the time to set it right never came for whatever reason. Speaking in confidence to a faithful friend, God, or when circumstances and severity require your bishop will help ease this wound and can initiate a journey onto a path of healing. This path is fruitless without reliance on and faith in the One who made it all possible.

The Master Physician can heal any heart, remedy any guilt, or assist with overcoming any sin if we would only get out of our own way and let Him and the Holy Spirit do their work within us. His physician’s bag includes remedies of repentance, forgiveness, the companionship of the Spirit, and the ultimate remedies of salvation and exaltation.

Sin is easy to rationalize, but rationalization is in no way helpful on the path of spiritual healing. It draws away from the being who loves us so much He sent his Son to live the perfect life no one else could. Christ bore every sin and felt every pain ever known or ever will be known, died a perfect yet excruciating death, served in spirit prison, and rose again on the third day fulfilling prophecy and promise. Showing us the blessing of renewed life in Him. Sin may be a slap in his face, but he stands with arms outstretched waiting to embrace those who hear him.

Conversely, for those who do not want to partake in His goodness and slap Him in the face and those who take joy in it, his hand is bare. Stretched out to strike down the wicked. If you’re concerned that you’re not on his side, your concern is a good sign you are on the right path. You will know you are on the Lord’s side when you feel the Holy Spirit, and are guided to “do better and be better.

If you are not actively seeking the Holy Spirit or more of the Spirit within your life I can only leave a warning given by President Nelson:

In coming days, it will not be possible to survive spiritually without the guiding, directing, comforting, and constant influence of the Holy Ghost.

The Holy Ghost can guide and comfort us with what Christ wants for us. 

The Saviour provides the opportunity for us to heal because “he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities, the chastisement of our peace was upon him” and through all His suffering in His great Passion, Isaiah finishes by teaching: “and with his stripes we are healed.” 

When Christ went about doing miracles He showed how much we are at His mercy, but He is always faithful. Learning about His miracles of healing shows what is required of us before His sacrifice can be meaningful to us. “His grace is sufficient” to perfect us in him so that we may be healed and stand worthy in the presence of our Father. 

It is my hope that by relying on Christ, the Light of Christ will shine on you and within you (and me). That by searching and seeking out the Spirit, it’s fruits will be manifest in you, that we may all rejoice in “light and life and endless day where God’s full presence shines.”

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