Satire: What if Mathematics Were as Fluid as Gender Identity?

Who needs binaries, anyway?


by Taylor P. Getrey

Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and a host of other mathematical operators have frequently been considered binary… that is, requiring two operands.

It wouldn’t make sense to say “one divided by” and leave off the end, right? Or that’s what traditional mathematicians would have you believe.

But what if we, instead of holding to traditional assumptions, instead looked at math from the standpoint of gender fluidity instead of fixed gender categories?

Now you may be saying, “but Taylor, gender fluidity has no validity or relevancy when it comes to mathematics…” While that is absolutely true, it didn’t stop me from applying it to traditional understanding like the unchanging doctrines of Jesus Christ.

The lack of validity or relevancy of gender fluidity in the resurrection didn’t stop me from getting those juicy likes from the woke crowd that I so desperately crave.

Now I know that Jesus himself preached that God created male and female, and that marriage was sacred but, who are you going to believe? Me, a pontificating intellectual who has been accepted by prominent institutions of the world… or Jesus, who seems to have no degrees or formal education, and was decisively rejected by the world?

Yeah, so, three minus if you didn’t pick me!


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  1. The twitter user @j_n_foster is also known as Zedability (see, just thought you’d like to know. The board took a crazy nosedive in quality a few years ago when a bunch of former writers started church bashing during their Alumni Week, and the board was subsequently kicked off BYU’s servers.

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