Satire: The Book of Mormon Has Nothing To Do With Jesus

Evangelical man who has never found Waldo and thinks word searches are a prank claims on social media The Book of Mormon never mentions Jesus.


by Ali Uhbobwah, Search-challenged Protestant

Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are quick to say they are Christian because they claim it’s in the name of their church (I’ve never found it) and because of the Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Jesus Christ (I’ve read it, and I’ve never found any mention of Christ).

Of course, when they are confronted with these facts, they instantly deny the truth and resort to personal attacks such as quoting the Book of Mormon, the prophet Joseph Smith, or the Bible.

I also have reason to believe that their church may be behind such insidious conspiracies as the Where’s Waldo books (none of which contain Waldo), or word searches.

Some people tell me that word searches are not pranks, but I spent hours working on one while I waited for the store to close and everyone else to drive away so I could find where I parked – and I didn’t find a single word!

Anyway, it’s nice that they think they’re Christian, I’ve just never seen any evidence of it.


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