Satire: Point/Counterpoint – Church standards about stealing

What of things not mentioned in the scriptures?


Point – Church standards about stealing are vague and confusing (by Rebecca, a former member of the church)

So, of course, everyone knows from the Ten Commandments about the standard, Thou shalt not steal. But don’t let the short length of this law fool you into thinking this is a simple standard…it’s actually super-confusing.

For example, the scriptures are totally silent on the issue of Grand Theft Auto. Like, what if I see a car, I can break into it, and then drive away with it…is that OK? Don’t look to the commandments for help demystifying that one!

And that’s not the only thing…There are no standards about larceny, theft, burglary, shoplifting, grifting, or identity theft. What do they expect us to do?

It’s just like the “law of chastity” that calls for sexual relations to remain between husband and wife only…I mean, the church says it has simple standards, but there are so many things they don’t think about.

Counterpoint – Church standards about stealing could not be clearer (by John, a member of the church)

Those things are all stealing! That’s not confusing… “don’t steal” covers all of that!

Just like the law of chastity… the standard is simple. The amount of work some people do to try to get around the standards or justify themselves is what is complicated.

If you’re the type of person that wants the church to enumerate every possible type of sin, you probably should devote more of your time and energy into thinking about good things to do instead of bad things you should not… you know… doing many things of your own free will to bring to pass righteousness?

And if thinking about doing good is too much effort, maybe you could lay off the paint chips…


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