Satire: ExMo Who Claims to Be Mistaken About the Church Warns Against Following Prophets Because They Have Made Mistakes

The faithful are held to a different standard, don’t ya know?


Weekly Standard: This week, we sit down with John Failin, a former member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He is concerned that current members of the church may be in danger if they believe in prophets and apostles. John, thank you for being with us.

John Failin: Thank you for having me.

WS: I understand you are particularly concerned about the gift of discernment as taught by the church.

JF: Absolutely! Leaders of the church claim to have the gift of discernment, which allows them to know whether the choices they are making are right… but what we see in practice, is sometimes, on rare occasions, leaders of the church make mistakes.

WS: But isn’t that what the church teaches? That everyone makes mistakes and needs Jesus Christ?

JF: Well, technically that’s true…but someone who claims to be teaching the truth should be held to a different standard.

WS: How?

JF: Because they’re not supposed to make mistakes with important things…I mean, imagine a real bad guy getting into a high leadership position… wouldn’t that prove the leader who chose him is misinformed?

WS: You mean like Jesus choosing Judas as an apostle?

JF: No…

WS: Or Samuel choosing Saul and then David as Kings of Israel?

JF: Listen…I’d rather not focus on the scriptures…The point is if you make mistakes and claim that you’re leading people to the truth, that’s a problem.

WS: I understand your point…You’re concerned people are being deceived…

JF: Exactly!

WS: You’re leading them to the truth…

JF: Yes! That’s what I’m doing!

WS: So, could you tell us about why your feelings changed about the church?

JF: Well, I believed everything the Church taught until I was told I needed to repent…

WS: Had you made a mistake?

JF: Yes. I believed in the church.

WS: So, even though you believe you have made a mistake…you want people to follow you?

JF: That’s right!

WS: But isn’t that the reason you thought people should not follow the prophet?

JF: …Shut up! It’s different!

WS: Okay, that’s all the time we have today. Thanks to John Failin for joining us. You’ve certainly given us a lot to consider.


Brett Jensen manages The Ward Preacher. You can follow him on Twitter @wardpreacher.

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