Satire: “Am I Active Now?” Ponders Inactive Quarantined Member

Luckily he hasn’t missed out on any changes, right?


By John Cox

Yes, I’m technically a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, but I quit going to meetings a couple of years ago. It wasn’t because I was offended or anything, there are lots of good people who are really active in church, it was more just because I had other interests on Sunday, and I got out of the habit.

I wasn’t sure I would ever get back in the habit, especially since I became really active in following Sunday sporting events as well, but ever since COVID19 struck, well… sports are canceled, and everyone stays home on Sundays.

I guess that means I’m active in church again… right?

I mean, I’m doing the same thing that all the active members are doing…

I think that means I can pick up right where I left off… Plus, now that I’m not tied down for three hours every Sunday, I can ask who the Mia Maid leader is for my daughter, the Scoutmaster for my son, and the High Priest Group Leader for my home teaching assignment.

I’m pretty sure I haven’t actually missed anything.


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