Yesterday commemorated the 24th Anniversary of the announcement of The Family: A Proclamation to the World at General Relief Society Meeting in 1995. As many noted, it was seemingly a statement of obvious beliefs and core doctrine at the time but has become more and more controversial as the world has drifted into the abyss.

24 Years ago, a bomb was dropped on “The World.”

Enemies inside and outside of the church attack the prophetic pronouncements made in the Proclamation as hateful rhetoric and seek to subvert its teachings. Faithful members accept the Proclamation to the World as doctrine, as they do with all words which come forth from the pulpit during the Church’s Semi-Annual General Conference. The Brethren continue to reinforce its teachings – as recently as Elder Anderson’s talk in April and President Oaks’ words last October.

As we wander into enemy territory of social media, bad takes abound, we discover BYU Professors openly stating their desire to destroy the Proclamation, former members demanding its repeal, and supposed active members of the church referring to it as disturbing. The Proclamation is attacked daily, and it doesn’t require much digging to find it.

Yesterday was a wonderful opportunity to celebrate and bear testimony of modern prophets who continue to reveal to us God’s will that we may be happy. Here are some of my favorite testimonies:

Of course, there were plenty of memes and humor shared on the interwebs. It made for a fun day on Twitter. Thanks to all who used #FamProc to spread some love for this timeless document!

There are many more in this slideshow:

With Conference coming up in a couple of weeks, we have so much more to look forward to!

Supplemental Reading:

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