Being a member of God’s Kingdom on Earth is a blessing, something that we need to cherish and hold on to. Reading through the New Testament and the Come, Follow Me lessons this year have reinforced in my mind the need for the church and the fact that Christ did establish His church while he tarried and was restored in these the latter days. Attending church isn’t unnecessary or superfluous, but absolutely necessary to our progression and salvation.

Once again, this week we read from Paul as he exhorted the Saints to have unity in the faith. While highlighting differences in our individual talents, abilities, and roles within the Kingdom, he pointed out that we’re united through the Sacrament of our Lord and Savior. (1 Corinthians 10:17) It’s okay to be different, to have different talents and strengths, and to “know your role” within the Kingdom as long as we have an “eye single to the Glory of God.”

Paul spends two chapters talking about Spiritual Gifts. What are the differences between a spiritual gift and a talent?

  • A Spiritual Gift comes via the Gift of the Holy Ghost and being a confirmed member of the Church.
  • The primary purpose of a Spiritual Gift is to build the Kingdom of God.

I wrote a bit about what goes into giving a calling in the church here. We have a right and responsibility to seek after and ask for the spiritual gifts we need in order to magnify our callings. Some members are wonderful ministers as I described here while others are excellent teachers or skilled at genealogists. Personally, I’ve found I’m a gifted missionary and detailed some ideas to be a better member missionary here. We are abundantly blessed and are charged with sharing our blessings with others.

One of my best friends online consistently talks of amplifying our talents:

These are things I pondered in my own life as I set out to put together this website. It was something I’ve considered doing for a long time but needed a clear vision and purpose to make it happen. I have many ideals for Teancum’s Javelin, among which are to offer a place of refuge online for faithful Saints, to clarify important principles, and to give a platform for those who have Spiritual Gifts to share in order to build His Kingdom. I am not in competition with, but support fully all who seek to spread the Gospel and share their testimonies through uplifting messages and media. I’d like to offer an endorsement to some existing and upcoming projects:

The Ward Preacher

Conflict of Justice


Radio Free Deseret

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Cbreeze Photography

Thank you so much for your continued support and words of encouragement. We now have over 100 posts and 500 subscribers in a little more than four months. As always, the blog is open to your testimonies by emailing

Supplemental Reading:

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