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01/04 Anniversary of BYU Dedication & Utah Statehood
01/09God’s True Church day (Dedicated to honoring the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints as the only authorized to act in God’s name)
01/12Young Adults Devotional
01/18 – 01/22Traditional Values Week (A day to develop & study timeless moral principles)


02/04 Anniversary Of Pioneers Departing For Utah
02/17 Chaste Tuesday (Dedicated to supporting chastity & fidelity to loved ones)
02/18President’s Day
02/22George Washington’s Birthday
02/23Youth Face to Face Broadcast
02/27Temple & Family History Leadership Broadcast
02/28Holy Temple Day (Dedicated to appreciating the Lord’s holy temple)
02/29RootsTech Family Discovery Day


Reclaim BYU Month

(This month is dedicated to focusing on restoring BYU to a constructive environment for young adults)

03/01 Wilford Woodruff Birthday
03/08 Priesthood Holders Day (Dedicated to the hard working priesthood leaders of families & the church)
03/17 Relief Society Organization Anniversary & Word Of Wisdom Day (Dedicated to developing physical & spiritual health)
03/26 200th Anniversary of Joseph Smith’s First Vision, and Book of Mormon Published Anniversary
03/27 Kirtland Temple Dedication Anniversary
03/28 Spencer W. Kimball Birthday
03/31 Gender Roles Visibility Day (Dedicated to honoring & developing femininity & masculinity)


04/01 State Of Deseret Anniversary
04/03 Anniversary of Christ’s Appearance At Kirtland Temple
04/04 Special General Conference
04/05 Easter / General Conference
04/06 Church Restoration Anniversary
04/10 Good Friday
04/11 Tabernacle Choir Presents: The Messiah
04/20 Human Dignity Day (Dedicated to soberness, intelligence, and dignity of the human spirit)
04/22 Creation Day (Awareness of the divine creative power of God)
04/26 Antimormon Media Awareness Day (Awareness of fake & biased news media that counters the Lord’s work)
04/30 BYU Women’s Conference


05/03 Young Adults Devotional
05/07 National Day Of Prayer
05/10 Mother’s Day
05/13 Priesthood Restoration Anniversary
05/15 Peace Officers Memorial Day
05/17 Follow The Prophet Day (Dedicated to honoring & sustaining the prophet)
05/22 Traditional Family Appreciation Day (Dedicated to the religious family institution)
05/24 Pentecost Sunday
05/25 Henry B. Eyring Birthday


Service Month

(This month is dedicated to seeking a broken heart & contrite spirit through humble acts of service)

06/01 Brigham Young’s Birthday
06/05 Industrious Value Day (Honoring success through human effort & merit)
06/09 Anniversary Of United Priesthood (The day the priesthood was extended to all worthy men)
06/14 Flag Day
06/16 Founding Fathers Day
06/21 Father’s Day
06/23 Gordon B. Hinckley’s Birthday
06/26 Government Abuse Of Freedoms Awareness Day (To bring awareness of how the government abuses human rights, especially freedom of religion)
06/27 Anniversary of Joseph Smith martyrdom
06/28 Porter Rockwell’s Birthday


07/04 Independence Day (U.S.)
07/12 Eternal Marriage Day (Anniversary of the revelation on eternal marriage & work for the dead)
07/14 Genealogy Day
07/16 For The Strength Of Youth Day
07/18 Music & The Spoken Word 90th Anniversary
07/19 Joseph Fielding Smith Birthday
07/24 Pioneer Day


Family History Month

(This month is dedicated to turning the hearts of the children to the fathers & fathers to the children)

08/04 Ezra Taft Benson Birthday
08/12 Dallin H. Oaks Birthday
08/21 Thomas S. Monson Birthday
08/26 Men of Zion Day (A day to honor & sustain the men who build Zion)
08/28 Social Problems Awareness Day (To bring awareness to the worsening problems in society, particularly from social media)


09/04 Emergency Preparedness Day
09/07 Stay At home Mothers Appreciation Day (To honor the women who create & raise the coming generations)
09/08 David O. McKay Birthday
09/09 Russell M. Nelson Birthday
09/09 Patriots Day
09/13 Youth Face to Face Broadcast & Joseph F. Smith Birthday
09/17 Constitution Day
09/20 – 09/26 Defending The Gospel Week
09/21 Title Of Liberty Day(To restore the cause of defending our country, family, freedom, peace, and religion.)
09/22 Anniversary Of Joseph Smith Obtaining The Gold Plates
09/23 Missionary Appreciation Day
09/25 Dedication To Marriage Day


Family Proclamation Month

(This month is dedicated to supporting & spreading the Proclamation On The Family)

10/03 General Conference
10/04 General Conference
10/08 Relief Society Appreciation Day
10/11 Share Your Testimony Day
10/12 Columbus Day
10/15 Spiritual Gifts Day (A day to focus on developing spiritual gifts)
10/19 Gospel Culture Day (A day to unify as saints in a culture derived from the gospel)
10/20 Spread The Gospel Day
10/21 Called To Serve Day
10/24 Secret Combinations Awareness Day
10/26 Full Conversion Day (A day to focus on becoming fully converted as a disciple of Christ)
10/27 Extermination Order Anniversary
10/30 Hauns Mill Massacre Anniversary


11/01 John Taylor Birthday & Scones Day
11/08 – 11-14 Gospel Art & Music Week
11/11 Veterans Day
11/14 Howard W. Hunter Day
11/19 Daughters Of Zion Day (A day to honor the women who build & sustain Zion)
11/20 Youth Face to Face Broadcast
11/22 Heber J. Grant Birthday
11/22 – 11/28 Gospel Scholarship Week (A week to focus on uplifting scholarship of gospel & church history)
11/26 Thanksgiving
11/27 Altruism Day


12/01 Families Are Forever Day (A day to appreciate relationships that are sealed for eternity through priesthood power)
12/04 Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day
12/06 First Presidency Christmas Devotional
12/7 – 12/11 Home & Charter School Week (A day to focus on creating home-centered education for children)
12/10 Gathering Of Israel Day (A day to study the tribes of Israel uniting in these latter days)
12/15 Bill Of Rights Day
12/23 Joseph Smith Birthday
12/24 Christmas Eve
12/25 Christmas

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